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Uncertain Times

How do thrive in life and work when the future path is unclear, uncomfortable or uncontrollable?


Hybrid; online Bristol


5 Months

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Sarah King

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Uncertain Times


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Uncertain times require us to resource ourselves in a different way. Join a group of peers to learn new practices, skills and tools to thrive when change is the only constant
We live in a complex world of uncontrollable change whilst facing unpredictable work and personal transitions. Many of us feel ill equipped to face into this uncertainty. By co-creating our own learning journey, sharing knowledge, setting up skill-swaps, building networks and supporting each other, we will explore some of the practices and skills we need to embrace uncertainty and thrive in transitions

Is it for me?

Are you facing personal or professional transition or change? Do you thrive learning with & through others? Are you looking to strengthen your capacity to thrive in uncertainty?
You might be interested in personal practices to boost your own resilience and adaptability. Or want to grow new tools and techniques in your team, community or organisation. Up to 12 of us will explore our own inquiry questions in the theme of Uncertain Times, and support and learn from each other’s discoveries. This Huddle will prepare you to step into and thrive in the future you cannot predict

Do it to...


Boost your own resilience and adaptability to thrive in transitions and a future you cannot predict


Grow new skills, practices & capacities to future proof your ability to live and work well in an uncertain future


Join a community of people stepping into uncertainty and build your skills alongside them

The Journey

This Huddle follows Huddlecraft’s tried and tested learning journey: a unique approach to learning to give you new knowledge, skills and connections for your uncertain future
We start with a kick off day where we get to know each other and set our learning intentions. We’ll meet fortnightly online, taking turns to facilitate. We'll have 2 Power Up 0.5 days online to reflect on our learning and invite feedback. In our final phase, we’ll decide how we want to shine a spotlight on everything we’ve learnt. We’ll celebrate crossing the line with a final immersive day

Your Host

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I have been training in and practising how to work with emergence and complexity for many years, and have grown most from facing into my uncertain times and unexpected challenges
I have had a good share of uncertain times in life and work. Raising a disabled daughter with poor health brought many challenges as did holding senior roles in organisations and founding a business, Loafspark. I am still on my own journey of thriving with uncertainty.
Sarah creates meaningful spaces full of care and playfulness for humans to transform; in service of a better world
Lydia Hascott, Head of Intrapreneurship, Finance Innovation Lab.


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