A community of co-learners

The collective learning curves we face are steep. We are a community of co-learners, climbing these slopes together.

The Huddlecraft community is for our Hosts, participants, partners and crew. We represent many identities, histories, geographies and perspectives. While we are different on paper, we share curiosity and an appetite to learn together, as a way to take action.

We aim to be:

We are a young community. As we go forward we're exploring how membership, co-ownership and continued decentralisation might play a role in our development. Read more in Sarah's blog β†’

What our community says:

Head shot of Iacob Bacian

Iacob Bacian

"I love how the spaces are held. Every time I join a meet up I feel like there's a proper structure to it, and the quality and care of engagement. There's so much care in creating the space."

Rebecca taking a selfie with others at Huddle camp on a farmhouse roof

Rebecca Birch

"Huddlecraft gives me a space to do creative heart work, free of any judgement. Practically speaking, I've also met a lot of people who want to look after my cats when I'm away."

Stella holds a candle around the fire at Huddle camp

Stella McKenna

"An appetite for learning is really important to me. It's great to be in a space with people who have an appetite for learning too. I've made some really good friends."

How we gather

We organise a variety of events and meetups to keep our community connecting and learning together.

Brain fuel nights

Usually an online event where a community member shares something they’re working on, runs a workshop for the community, or tests an idea.

Stella holds a candle around the fire at Huddle camp

Get shit dones

An informal, lightly hosted session where you turn up with something you want to get done. You'll share what that is at the start, get some shit done, then report back.


What it says on the tin! These are often in person, and bring members of the community together with no purpose other than to hang out, for example our Christmas party.

The audience cheer at the Makers' Marathon showcase

Huddle Camp

Our annual end-of-Summer retreat for people across our community, and their loved ones. The camp is co-hosted and co-created by the participants. It's all about good vibes, good company and good food.


Slack is our online chat space. Everyone in our community can access slack, and everyone on slack can contact everyone else directly or as part of a number of groups and threads.

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