A story about how we become a world of co-learners

The landscape we find ourselves in

‍The story of the 21st Century will be about the steepest collective learning curve in history.

This learning curve stands between us and a future where our children, and their children, can thrive. 

The North Star that guides us

In this future we imagine a regenerative civilisation. This is our North Star.

‍This civilisation can arise from a multitude of intertwining movements. For a new economy. For climate action. For social change.

‍This future is not a final destination, but an ongoing, collective learning journey, already happening all over the world.

It roots in hearts, minds and relationships. And it grows through community, organisation and action.

The puzzlepuzzle we're focused on

‍How can we work ‘in the soil’, feeding and fuelling the roots of this future?

How might we unearth more of our infinite potential to learn collectively?

How do we become a world of co-learners, in a short space of time?

The alchemy that gives us hope

Huddlecraft is all about the alchemy created by co-learners: small groups of people that combine to become more than the sum of their parts. 

Through these particular types of relationship they multiply their potential, their purpose and their power to act - in ways they couldn’t on their own.

This alchemy is ancient. We find new ways to share it, connecting co-learners as we go.

Our Huddlecraft ecosystem

In practical terms, we help people and organisations climb collective learning curves.

We are a platform that supports people to create, host and join Huddles (purposeful, pop-up peer groups).

We are a studio that partners with organisations to apply huddlecraft to their visions and challenges.

We are a community of co-learners and huddlecraft practitioners.

We are an emerging ecosystem of approaches which interact and feed each other. We intend to evolve in ways we cannot yet imagine.

The outcomes we're driving

We want to seed 1 million co-learning relationships by 2030.

By doing so we can:

  • Unearth more of our infinite potential to learn, together
  • Accelerate changes of heart, mind and behaviour
  • Develop resilience for turbulent times to come
  • Tell a story of how we became a world of co-learners

The compasscompass we use to navigate

We’ve developed a compass to help us navigate towards our North Star.

The compass guides the decisions we make and helps us think long-term, without restraining our adaptability or emergence.

As uncertainty grows, precise plans feel increasingly futile, and ethical dilemmas multiply. 

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