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Learning Question Generator

How might
the government
how we design mental health services?
how we listen to our communities?
where I belong?

Our generator tool gives you a structure to play around with potential Learning Questions. Hang on, what's a Learning Question?

Adapted by Huddlecraft from code by Pixel Geek and design by Pablo Stanley.

Huddle Generator

A 100 day
A 30 day
A decade long
A 2 year
A 1 year
An 11 month
A 10 month
A 9 month
An 8 month
A 3 month
A 6 month
A 4 month
A 5 month
A 7 month
support network
peer group
learning journey
community of practice
for employees
for ex-city workers
for Brummies
for software developers
for managers
for compulsive overthinkers
for good eggs
for neighbours
for different generations
for CEOs
for late stage professionals
for survivors
for visionaries
for intrepid explorers
for digital nomads
for freelancers
for inventors
for entrepreneurs
for carers
for nature lovers
for the people of Bogata
for the people of Glasgow
for the people of Sheffield
for community growers
for accountants
for superstar humans
for creative practitioners
for maker-happeners
for dreamers
for facilitators
for curious teachers
for activists
for organisations
for writers and poets
for teenagers
for children
for grandparents
for parents
for mothers
for fathers
for artists and makers
for microbiologists
for retirees
for women
to prototype solutions for
to incubate ideas for
to connect with
to pool our resources around
to reconnect with
to grow a microventure around
to radically reimagine
to push the boundaries of
to connect deeply with
to gather around
to pull the threads of
to inquire into
to explore
to deepen their understanding of
to unlearn
to unearth
to learn about
to experiment with
to unlock
how to see endings as beginnings.
how to do regular physio.
how to embed a learning culture.
how to enrich their company culture.
how to totally smash a best man's speech.
how to heal.
how to live the dream of being a property developer.
how to never work again.
how to make the perfect paella.
how to reupholster sofa cushions.
how to teach monkeys to dance.
how to feel confident in their birthday suit.
how to cook the perfect sausage.
how to serve the next generation.
how food can feed the soul.
new ways to be creative.
what we can learn from endings.
how we can live well before we die.
how to behave with empathy.
new responses to mental health.
how we can live in line with our politics.
the role of fun in our lives.
how to respond to climate change.
how to live in harmony with nature.
what it means to be a good ancestor.
how we change lifelong habits.
how to build lifelong friendships.
how to radically change our shared future.
who and how we love.
what's next in their sector.
how to start a sustaining life-hustle.
what it means to be generous.
how it feels to change.
what joy means to each of us.
what it means to be alive.
how to live a soulful life.
what is next for their organisations.
how we relate to time.
how we connect with nature.

Huddles are purposeful peer groups, great for learning, creating or taking action.

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Adapted by Huddlecraft from code by Pixel Geek and design by Pablo Stanley.