Announcing! A wave of new Huddles for 2023 🌊 >>>>
Announcing! A wave of new Huddles for 2023 🌊 >>>>
Announcing! A wave of new Huddles for 2023 🌊 >>>>
Announcing! A wave of new Huddles for 2023 🌊 >>>>
Announcing! A wave of new Huddles for 2023 🌊 >>>>
Announcing! A wave of new Huddles for 2023 🌊 >>>>
Announcing! A wave of new Huddles for 2023 🌊 >>>>

A peer-led approach actively distributes power to achieve strategic objectives.

Learn to apply this approach in your context with Huddlecraft 101: an online training immersion for people whose work involves bringing people together, at any scale.  

You might be looking to top up your professional practice, invest in your organisational culture, or design and deliver a people-powered intervention. Huddlecraft 101 will give you the tools and confidence to apply cutting edge peer-led approaches in your work. Join an upcoming Huddlecraft 'lunch n learn' session to get a taste of what Huddlecraft 101 training is all about.

From an organisation? We offer a discount if you’d like >3 employees to join. If you’d like >6 employees to join, it might make more sense to run this training in-house. Get in touch if you'd like to chat.

What our participants say:

Headshot of Charlotte Bailey

“The training was welcoming and inspiring. It prepared me to understand the needs of peers and how to engage them playfully. I leave with practical activities, games and visual frameworks.”

Charlotte Bailey
Visual Storyteller

Headshot of Rob Shorter

“I learned about the many design considerations for creating the conditions to support peer-to-peer learning. I gained practical tools that will support our internal processes and our programmes.”

Rob Shorter
Communities and Art Lead
Doughnut Economics Action Lab

Headshot of Christina Watson

"Huddlecraft 101 is one of the best trainings I've ever been on! I loved the balance of evidence and research underpinning the work, with creative framings and use of metaphor to explore big ideas."

Christina Watson
Assistant Director of Design
UK Youth

    In a nutshell:

    • Who is this for?
      This is for you if you're designing learning, community, culture or change, for an organisation or independently, in any sector. You'll already know, or sense, the value of peer-led approaches, but you want to multiply your ability to put them into practice.

    • Time commitment:
      3 days' time commitment over 5 weeks, incl. a break week. This includes 7 scheduled, facilitated sessions, as well as self-paced learning resources. See our 'training in detail' tab for more info.

    • Key dates:
      Our next training programme takes place from May 16th - June 13th 2023. Booking is now open, and will close at midday Tuesday May 2nd.

    • Location:
      The training takes place online on Zoom, so you can join us from any location. Scheduled sessions all start at 1.15pm UK time.

    5 levels of peer-led approaches:

    Huddlecraft 101 diagram: a spiral showing 5 levels of peer-led approach, from the self out to the ecosystem

    Trusted by:

    Lankelly Chase
    Asthma and Lung
    Jo Cox Foundation
    Power to Change
    uk youth
    LGBT Foundation

    Why join Huddlecraft 101?

    Huddlecraft 101 is a unique training programme. It will prepare you with the framework, tools and confidence to apply peer-led approaches to design and delivery impactful people-powered initiatives.

    Why now?

    We are hyped to be offering Huddlecraft 101 training. Here's why we think this is so important, right now:


    Humanity has never needed to learn so much, within such a short timeframe.​

    We want to spread approaches that encourage all participants to be active agents of each other's learning.


    Thriving in a post-Covid future will require greater social and emotional skills.

    A peer-to-peer mindset can bake this into the design of learning, community, culture and change initiatives.


    No work towards sustainable futures can ignore social justice.

    Peer-led approaches are structurally more equitable than many traditional approaches.

    What our participants say:

    Headshot of Jahnvi Singh

    "I loved how playful the activities were, and how we weaved in and out of personal reflection and group conversations. The digital collaboration activities were particularly well designed."

    Jahnvi Singh
    Delivery and Engagement Manager
    The RSA

    Headshot of Jo Sayers

    “Huddlecraft 101 helped us implement a peer buddy system at LearnJam: part of our move away from a hierarchical organisational structure. The training was expertly facilitated.”

    Jo Sayers

    Julie Doherty with her team at Avon Wildlife Trust

    "I'm going to cascade this learning throughout the Trust to help us transition to more peer-led learning both internally and externally - it will be a key part of our work going forward."

    Julie Doherty
    Head of Communities and Engagement
    Avon Wildlife Trust


      You might be looking to top up your professional practice, invest in your organisational culture, or design and deliver a people-powered intervention. Here's what you can expect to take away:

      For you:

      For your organisation:

      A deeper understanding of the potential of peer-led approaches for creating learning, community, culture and change initiatives.

      Invest in needed skills: the pandemic has highlighted how the skills of gathering and relating effectively are essential for everyone to thrive.

      Greater understanding of where you can apply the power of peer-to-peer to support your aims, objectives and live challenges.

      Reinvigorate organisational culture post-Covid by supporting a culture of ongoing learning and collaboration.

      Confidence bringing people together as peers, online and offline, to create 'new power' spaces even within 'old power' organisations.

      Use cutting edge approaches to learning, community, culture and change for your programmes, ventures and initiatives.

      Greater ability to articulate a strong case and advocate for the value of peer-led approaches in your setting.

      Make cost savings by adopting a distributive, peer-to-peer mentality in place of a service-provider mindset.

      Connect with a cohort of practitioners grappling with their own context, and exchange multiple perspectives and ideas.

      Create resilience for an uncertain future, by placing relationship-building at the heart of your approach.

      Training structure

      We run Huddlecraft 101 twice a year in May and November.

      Huddlecraft 101 live sessions and content requires 3 days' time commitment over 5 weeks. This included 7 scheduled, facilitated sessions, as well as self-paced learning resources. All session times are in BST (UK time zone).

      Huddlecraft 101 training schedule, showing how training dates are spread over 5 weeks

      Accessibility information:

      Our live sessions will take place via Zoom, using a variety of online tools like Mural and Google Jamboards, but you will also be sent videos and resources to use on your own time. A good internet connection will ensure the best experience. There will be an option to turn on live captions during sessions.

      This is an experiential programme, so participants will be expected to actively participate on multiple occasions, and there will be a mix of solo, pair and group exercises throughout.

      After signing up, all participants will be contacted and there will be a chance to create an access plan together if needed. If you have any access questions before signing up, please contact

      Training content

      We'll focus on 5 levels of peer-led approaches, starting with the self and building gradually, finishing by looking at the wider ecosystem.

      The self segment: a hand-drawn person on a lime coloured cut out


      In peer-led approaches the individual cannot be a passive recipient, and intrinsic motivation really matters. How can we help people step into new roles?

      • Self as an 'ingredient' of relationships
      • Fluid roles and adaptability
      • Growing intrinsic motivation
      The pairs segment: two hand-drawn people on a tomato coloured cut out


      Groups and communities are built on the strength of their smaller units. How can we design with pairs as a powerful building block?

      • Formats for structuring pairs (buddies, mentors, stewards etc.)
      • Relationship intention setting and foundations
      • Becoming coach and coachee
      The groups segment: a small group of hand-drawn people on a melon coloured cut out


      The power of small groups for multiplying potential cannot be overstated. How can craft be applied to navigate group dynamics and pitfalls?‍

      • Roles and responsibilities in peer groups
      • Group dynamics: challenges and opportunities
      • Crafting equitable spaces
      The interventions segment: a large group of hand-drawn people on a grape coloured cut out


      This level is all about the strategic application of peer-led approaches to achieve objectives. How can the power of peer-to-peer fuel your goal/s?

      • Peer power as a strategic approach
      • Network structures for change
      • Dialling up peer-to-peer dynamics within communities
      The complete spiral, from self to pairs to groups to interventions to the ecosystem


      No peer-led intervention exists in a vacuum. What is going on in the wider context, and how can you work with this intentionally and strategically?

      • Mapping culture and power in your context
      • Articulating the case for peer-led approaches
      • Fractals: connecting to larger currents of change

      Some snapshots & resources from our training:

      Our Huddlecraft 101 personal map tool
      A screenshot of a Huddlecraft 101 activity on mural, where participants map different attributes of people in a peer group.
      A screenshot of Huddlecraft 101 participants on a zoom call
      Our 'what's in the pot?' tool to help people make design decisions for peer-led interventions.

      Your Hosts

      Huddlecraft 101 will be hosted by the Huddlecraft team - with lots of contributions from our Host Community too.

      Zahra Davidson

      Zahra has been geeking out over the power of peer groups since 2016, although she suspects her interest has roots in childhood experiences of alternative education and Islamic gatherings. Zahra is co-founder of Huddlecraft and hosted our first 3 peer groups. Since then, Huddlecraft has hosted hundreds of people through peer-led experiences. Zahra’s background spans service design, system change and visual communication.

      Anneka Deva

      Anneka is a campaigns, partnerships and marketing professional with 17 years experience in establishing ventures and building communities. She has worked with TEDx, Impact Hub, and the University of Birmingham. Anneka set up Huddlecraft’s first Huddle outside London and she’s now leading on Money Movers, applying peer-led methodology to a complex challenge: how to support women to take #ClimateAction through their personal finances.

      Daniel Ford

      Daniel has spent the last 7 years working in the field of futures and systems change. His passion lies in designing change processes that centre co-learning and collaboration, with experience from Forum for the Future, Deep Democracy and Healthy Human Cultures. Daniel will be the lead facilitator for Huddlecraft 101.

      Imani Clough

      Imani is a Host Mentor for Huddlecraft and previously hosted her own Huddle ‘Education for Liberation’. Imani works with people to co-create communities, youth programmes and social impact programmes. She is also Curator of Partnerships and Community at Act Build Change.

      Huddlecraft Host community
      A hand-drawn photoframe with a grid of 25 little photographs of members of our Host community

      Training dates

      We've schedule all facilitated sessions at 1.15 - 3.30pm GMT/BST so that people in a wide variety of time zones can participate.

      Dates for May 2023

      Week 1
      • Session 1:
        Opening Session
        Tuesday 16th May
        1:15-3:30pm GMT
      • Session 2:
        The Self
        Thursday 18th May
        1:15-3:30pm GMT
      Week 2
      • Session 3:
        Tuesday 23rd May
        1:15-3:30pm GMT
      • Session 4:
        Thursday 25th May
        1:15-3:30pm GMT
      Week 3
      • Rest Week
        29th May - 2nd June
        (Half-term holiday in the UK)
      Week 4
      • Session 5:
        Tuesday 6th June
        1:15-3:30pm GMT
      • Session 6:
        Thursday 8th June
        1:15-3:30pm GMT
      Week 5
      • Session 7:
        Closing Session
        Tuesday 13th June
        1:15-3:30pm GMT

      If you are interested in Huddlecraft 101 training but are unable to attend in May 2023, you can express interest for our November 2023 programme by filling out this form.


      We strongly believe in the power of this work, so we've created various options to make Huddlecraft 101 accessible to a wide range of people. Please get in touch with any questions via

      Price: £1415 + VAT per employee
      We offer group discounts for 3+ employees.
      To sign up as part of an organisation, email
      Price: £995 (including VAT), payable upfront, or via 3 or 6 monthly instalments.
      We offer group discounts for 2+ individuals - get in touch via email.
      Book your place

      Note: We have some bursary places available. You can apply for a bursary when you book your place on the programme by filling out the booking form.

      We look at all bursary applications together to ensure our limited bursary spaces go to those who need them most. If you apply for a bursary, you'll hear from us after booking has closed.

      There is more information in our FAQs. If you have any questions, please get in touch with Daniel on


      What level of experience is needed to participate?
      Is there a selection process?
      What is the time commitment for participants?
      I'm not based in the UK?
      The training times don't work for me. Are there other options?
      Can you run this training exclusively for my organisation?
      Can I send several employees or a whole team on this training?
      Can you help me get support from my employer to participate?
      I’ve spent so much time on Zoom... How will you keep this energising?
      What are your criteria for bursaries?
      Can I pay in instalments?
      Will this training meet my access needs?
      How do you approach diversity, inclusion and anti-oppression?
      How do I get in touch?

      Join our May cohort

      Booking for our May cohort is now open, and will close at midday on Tuesday 2nd May.

      If you're an individual booking a place, please do so via this form.

      If you represent an organisation, please email to let us know you'd like to book.

      If you'd like to chat to a member of the team, you can book a slot for a 121 call with Daniel here, or send an email via