Announcing! A wave of new Huddles for 2023 🌊 >>>>
Announcing! A wave of new Huddles for 2023 🌊 >>>>
Announcing! A wave of new Huddles for 2023 🌊 >>>>
Announcing! A wave of new Huddles for 2023 🌊 >>>>
Announcing! A wave of new Huddles for 2023 🌊 >>>>
Announcing! A wave of new Huddles for 2023 🌊 >>>>
Announcing! A wave of new Huddles for 2023 🌊 >>>>
A group of eight people celebrating in their showcase day. Some are sitting on the floor, some are sitting on chairs. The room is decorated with green and black flags.

Reimagining Hope

A global Huddle to fuel hopefulness in uncertain times.


Online, Global


4 months

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Letícia Usanovich

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Reimagining Hope


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Connect with people from around the world, exercise your capacity for hopefulness and come up with actions to cross-pollinate hope on a local and global scale.
In overwhelming times, this Huddle is an invitation for a change of perspective. A gateway to a collective exploration of creative alternatives for our future: learn and spread practices of hopefulness, create a collection of hopeful stories from around the globe, develop an action project to co-create a better present and future, or come up with something new and unexpected!

Is it for me?

Is your hope being tested like never before, and you want to strengthen it for the road ahead? Could you use a fresh perspective on life and a space to connect with your purpose?
This is Huddle if for the hopeful spirits that are looking for ways to convert their hope into actions that can generate a positive impact for themselves and for the world and for the hope seekers that might be feeling anxious about the future and searching for ways to keep their flame of hope alight. Join a community of people who believe in a hopeful future as we explore learning questions about the beautiful and the dark sides of hope.

Do it to...


Embrace your struggles when it comes to staying hopeful and learn new tools to overcome tough times with the support of a loving and caring group.


Find support to develop a positive impact initiative that brings hope into the world.


Co-create a magical collection of ways to cultivate hope and share it with the world to generate impact beyond the boundaries of our Huddle.

The Journey

We kick-off with an immersive week of mindful connection (with ourselves, others and the more-than-human world around us) and co-design of our 4 months together.
This Huddle follows Huddlecraft’s tried and well-loved journey structure. Fortnightly meet-ups, power-up days, and buddy check-ins will set up the space for accountability and motivation, and take us through deep reflection and practical action. Our adventure ends with a showcase event where we will share with the world our projects, experiments, inspired selves, and a manifesto built on our shared story of hoping as an act of courage. You will find out more in the info pack that will follow.

Your Host

Letícia is looking at the camera and smiling. She has black hair cut at the shoulders level, wears glasses and a black t-shirt. There are some plants in the background.
A hopeful soul also navigating ups and downs of the hope journey. The question I want to explore is: How could I actively cultivate my hope to strengthen my changemaking capacity?
As a host, I want to co-create meaningful learning experiences where everyone can show up as their true selves and explore what they can become. As a human, I'm seeking powerful ways of unlearning and contributing to everyday concrete change. One thing that gives me hope is the power of community.
"Letícia is someone who inspires people to be their best. As a peer, she's proactive, committed and caring about others and their needs."
Thaís Reis, friend and co-facilitator


How do you approach diversity and inclusion?

What does the application process look like?
How much does it cost?
What exactly does “peer learning” mean?
Can you tell me more about the commitment required?


Register your interest with the Host to receive the information pack. You can also request a phone call and some resources to take to your employer if you think they might be able to (partially or fully) sponsor your place on the programme.

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