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Project Parent

Make space to connect, reflect and activate a parenting project with a supportive, peer group of parents.


Online and face-to-face


6 months

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Max Fyfe

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Project Parent


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Parenting is one of the most important and challenging things we’ll ever do. This is your opportunity to become the kind of parent you want to be.
By co-creating our own learning process, we will respond directly to our needs as parents, each sharing our unique and valuable approach to parenting. This will be a bold and innovative way for parents to gather, utilising the motivating, learning power of a peer parenting network to bring energy to your parenthood! Allowing you to kickstart that project, focus on your wellbeing or centre your child’s needs.

Is it for me?

Are you a parent looking to invigorate your parenting, explore new ideas, start or develop a project? Would you like support and guidance from a community of other parents?

Use this group to engage in new ways to respond to your children's needs, integrate shared values into family life, start a research piece about child development, bring more nature-connection to your family, build your  confidence in holding difficult conversations, develop a work/home life balance, start a social action campaign, kickstart a creative project or start a child-centred business idea. Use it as an accountability group to get proactive with those parenting projects, feelings, and ideas you’ve always been meaning to attend to.

Do it to...


Develop deeper relationships with your children and help your family life to flourish.


Be part of a proactive and engaging peer-led learning journey that will support you to develop a project idea.


Build a strong and supportive network of other parents with the potential to last far beyond this 6-month journey.

The Journey

This is an online evening learning journey designed to fit into your parenting timetable with 3 face-to-face meet-ups in a location TBC.
The journey will start with a face-to-face meet up to kickstart our journey. Over the next 6 months we’ll meet fortnightly online, have ‘buddy’ check-ins and ‘checkpoints’ all designed to support our individual projects. We will end with a final showcase event, designed and hosted by the group as a collective offering that will shine a spotlight on our learning and an all-family camping or day trip to celebrate.

Your Host

Max is in a garden wearing a sparkly jacket and holding an small toy xylophone and holding his son who is also wearing a sparkly jacket
I want to engage in a deeper dialogue with parents which is so hard to do with the kids around! I know that a supportive group will help me be a better parent to my kids.
I’m a learning design consultant and facilitator and father, currently renovating an old farmhouse. It’s challenging with a young family but I’m incredibly grateful. I'd love to connect with you about why you're here, the challenges you're facing and how this Huddle might work for you.
"Max has a very special ability to convey awe and wonder in a way that explodes with excitement, enthusiasm, and magic”
Dr Angela Raffle, Fellow Course Participant, Schumacher College


How do you approach diversity and inclusion?

I’m concerned about fitting this into my life right now, can you tell me more about the commitment required?
What does the application process look like?
How much does it cost?
So how does it work?


Register your interest with the Host to receive the information pack. You can also request a phone call and some resources to take to your employer if you think they might be able to (partially or fully) sponsor your place on the programme.

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