Announcing! A wave of new Huddles for 2023 🌊 >>>>
Announcing! A wave of new Huddles for 2023 🌊 >>>>
Announcing! A wave of new Huddles for 2023 🌊 >>>>
Announcing! A wave of new Huddles for 2023 🌊 >>>>
Announcing! A wave of new Huddles for 2023 🌊 >>>>
Announcing! A wave of new Huddles for 2023 🌊 >>>>
Announcing! A wave of new Huddles for 2023 🌊 >>>>
Mothers coming together to slow down with a space to create

Mamma kind

A supportive space for mammas to slow down and reclaim their power, purpose and potential together




4 months

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Rachel Arthur

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Mamma kind


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Together, we'll take a kind and gentle journey to unearth the significant change becoming a mother represents
This huddle is to support the transition of becoming a mother you are both to be. Motherhood is a life transition similar to adolescence. It can challenge our own sense of self and wellbeing. How can we support one another with kindness during this process? How might we lean into vulnerability? Join us for wholehearted conversations, deep inquiries, and space to create to rediscover yourself as a mother and a woman.

Is it for me?

Are you at a stage of your motherhood journey where you are inquiring who you are anew? Where your old identity no longer aligns with who you are becoming?
If you are longing to take the courage to reconnect more deeply with yourself and receive nourishment to fill your own cup in a sustainable way, then this huddle is for you. Imagine you can live a slower, intentional life without the modern hustle, busyness and expectations of playing “super mum“. Instead, you feel valued, enough and worthy just as you are.

Do it to...


Cultivate a kindness mindset, healthy boundaries, habits and rituals to support and sustain your wellbeing


Develop and deepen your inner wisdom to reclaim your power and identity in motherhood


Rest, restore and reconnect with yourself in community with other heart-minded mothers

The Journey

This Huddle begins with a weekend virtual retreat with restorative activities, setting intentions, getting to know one another and beginning our journey with a personal inquiry
From fortnightly circles to buddy check-ins and coaching, the 4 months together is designed to be supportive and nourishing. We will co-create safe, openhearted spaces for introspections, conversations and mindful activities. Our journey ends with a ceremony and retreat, designed by the group to share and celebrate our collective wisdom to thrive as modern mammas.

Your Host

Mamma and baby
Hi, I’m Rachel, designer, facilitator, coach and a recent mamma to a multi-heritage daughter. I spent many years learning to dance and unite my cultural roots of the East and West.
Motherhood has invited me to slow travel inwards, to weave Eastern wisdom to embrace change with grace. As your Host, I’m excited to be your kindred spirit, connector and coach in the quest to cultivate a kinder way of well-being to best serve ourselves, our families, our communities and society.
“Rachel’s kind spirit and holistic vision have been completely empowering and her leadership methods are very inspiring, especially as a woman”
Laura Rojas Verdas, Service Designer, ex-colleague at Pearson Education


How do you approach diversity and inclusion?

Who is it for? Can my child attend?
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So how does it work? What can I expect?
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