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Living The Good Life

A peer group experiment in leisure, play and rest as the source of personal and societal transformation.


Online & in-person (UK-based)


6 months

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Maria Dorthea Skov

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Living The Good Life


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What happens when a dozen people place leisure, play and rest at the heart of their lives for 6 months?
Leisure is often reduced to the down-time we must have for the purpose of further work, whereas work is seen as the real point of existence. In this learning journey we will question and challenge that, through doing more of what brings us joy and makes us feel alive. We will discover the potential that lies in a society of more leisure. Together we will prototype ‘the good life’.

Is it for me?

Do you believe in the importance of leisure, play and rest at this time of multiple crises? Do you think our collective devotion to work is misplaced and long for an alternative?
You are fascinated by the deep philosophical questions around what it means to live a good life and would like to experiment with this in practice - in the context of your own life and this current time. You have a wish for more leisure time, to rest more and to reconnect with play but struggle to prioritise it. You have some agency over your time and space to explore this. If all of the above resonates, then this is the learning journey for you!

Do it to...


Enliven yourself by prototyping a life with leisure at its heart.


Discover the potential in application of concepts such as the ‘4 day work week’, ‘the leisure society’, ‘UBI’ and ‘pleasure activism’.


Be inspired by and co-create with 11 peers who are also ignited by this theme.

The Journey

We will design our collective learning journey together, and connect and collaborate in fortnightly online workshops, which each of us takes turns leading.
This Huddle follows Huddlecraft’s tried and tested journey structure. We begin with an immersive Kick Off Weekend - in the UK's Peak District - where we’ll get to know each other and set our learning intentions. We conclude the journey with an in-person Showcase Event, co-designed by us, where we’ll shine a spotlight on our learning. In between these two events, during our 6 months of learning, we’ll gather online for fortnightly workshops, fortnightly buddy check-ins, ad-hoc peer accountability sessions and Power Up Days (potentially in-person).

Your Host

A headshot image of Maria, the host of this learning journey. She looks at the camera and smiles.
Hi! I’m Maria, a ‘cosmo-local’ organiser & facilitator, working with networks for socio-political change to develop and prototype solutions at the personal, local and global level.
As a host I enjoy holding and designing spaces for co-creation. I like to dream big and work with peers to take action. I studied leisure at university but became disheartened by the purely commercial view of leisure that was presented to us. Now, ‘reclaiming leisure’ is an ongoing quest of mine.
“Maria’s gift in holding space and bringing attention to a person, an idea or a relationship makes emergence possible."
Indra Adnan, Founder, The Alternative Global


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