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We're hiring! Could you be our Creative Lead? ✏️ >>>>
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We're hiring! Could you be our Creative Lead? ✏️ >>>>   
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Announcing! A wave of new Huddles for 2023 🌊 >>>>
We're hiring! Could you be our Creative Lead? ✏️ >>>>  
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Her Financial Ease Legacy

A compassionate inquiry for black women, exploring ways to create lasting financial ease in our lives and communities.


London based + Online


6 months

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Lola Odunsi

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Her Financial Ease Legacy


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Imagine a group of courageous black women, committed to their financial wellbeing journey, coming together to explore ways to create financial ease & live life on their own terms.
Join our sisterhood of curious changermakers! Together we will harness the power of our collective wisdom and shared experience to gain insight and act. Expect honest conversations, visioning and stimulating activities as we explore our relationship with money, making space to reflect and get intentional about what matters whilst supporting each other to learn, grow and make a difference in our lives and community.

Is it for me?

Want a more positive & meaningful relationship with money that supports your life? Committed to your financial wellbeing & prepared to take action? Ready to feel good about money?
Are you curious about how to achieve more financial ease in your life? Excited to connect with an inspiring group of black women? Are you a changemaker wanting to make a difference to your community and leave a legacy for future generations?
If you've decided enough is enough, and are ready to take action, be more intentional in your finances and live life more on your own terms then this is for you!

Do it to...


Experience more moments of joy and ease in your life by transforming your relationship with money.


Cultivate helpful financial beliefs, habits and practices that support you and are aligned to your values.


Connect to a supportive sisterhood of other black women committed to their financial wellbeing with the potential to last beyond the 6 months.

The Journey

It begins with an immersive in-person Kick Off weekend in London consisting of coaching training, skills & network mapping, co-designing the journey & getting to know each other.
From fortnightly meet ups to Power Up days, the next 6 months are designed to maximise the collective potential of our sisterhood. Our journey will end with a showcase event, designed by the group to shine a spotlight on our learning.
This Huddle follows Huddlecraft’s well loved journey structure.

Your Host

A black woman in a scarf sitting next to a plant.
Lola is a Business Psychologist, Accredited Values and Firework™ Career Coach, and Certified Trauma of Money Facilitator.
I'm interested in financial wellbeing & generational wealth & recently set up a social enterprise to support black women in creating financially secure futures. My question:How can we support black women to create sustainable financial ease for themselves & their families that lasts for generations.
"Lola is a great facilitator... she is experienced in conveying complex ideas into simple and easily digestible chunks."
A.O, BMF workshop participant.


How do you approach diversity and inclusion?

What do I mean by financial ease?
Why is this open to just black women?
How much does it cost?
What does the programme look like?


Register your interest with the Host to receive the information pack. You can also request a phone call and some resources to take to your employer if you think they might be able to (partially or fully) sponsor your place on the programme.

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