Announcing! A wave of new Huddles for 2023 🌊 >>>>
Announcing! A wave of new Huddles for 2023 🌊 >>>>
Announcing! A wave of new Huddles for 2023 🌊 >>>>
Announcing! A wave of new Huddles for 2023 🌊 >>>>
Announcing! A wave of new Huddles for 2023 🌊 >>>>
Announcing! A wave of new Huddles for 2023 🌊 >>>>
Announcing! A wave of new Huddles for 2023 🌊 >>>>

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A peer-led learning journey where you multiply your momentum, creativity and purpose.




6 months

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Zahra Davidson

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This is a multidisciplinary Huddle, open to anyone with a big question they want to explore and respond to alongside others doing the same.
Grow yourself, together. This Huddle is designed to help you grow to meet a professional, personal or societal challenge that really matters to you. Growing yourself is an interdisciplinary activity. So, we connect you to a dozen peers, each tackling a different challenge.

Is it for me?

Is there a professional, personal or societal challenge you want to grow to meet? Can you answer yes to these questions?
Do you want to challenge traditional learning formats - and yourself - by joining a peer group? Do you recognise the value of working toward more cooperative social patterns of behaviour? Are you an adult human, ready to commit to an average of 5 hours per week over 6 months?

Do it to...


Connect with a dozen peers who are also working on something that sets them alight. Pool ideas, skills and experience.


Tackle a specific professional, personal or societal challenge that matters to you, as a live project.


Immerse in an interdisciplinary learning environment, fit for upgrading capabilities like collaboration and creativity.

The Journey

This Huddle begins with an intensive Kick Off weekend of coach training, skills & network mapping, co-designing the journey and getting to know each other.
From fortnightly meet ups to Power Up days, the next 4-6 months are designed to maximise the collective potential of the peer group. Our journey will ends with a showcase event, designed by the group to shine a spotlight on our learning.

Your Host

Zahra started Huddlecraft when she couldn't find the learning experience she wanted. Zahra hosted Huddlecraft's first 3 Huddles, and now she's back for a 4th.
Zahra has been facilitating for 10 years. She originally trained in visual communication and graphic design, and worked in service design, sustainability and social enterprise before starting Huddlecraft. As a Host Zahra would say her strengths are in encouraging iterative and creative approaches.
"Zahra's leadership style is all about enabling others and that's a real talent."
Fan Sissoko, Huddle participant


How do you approach diversity and inclusion?

What does the programme look like?
How much does it cost?
How do I apply?
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Register your interest with the Host to receive the information pack. You can also request a phone call and some resources to take to your employer if you think they might be able to (partially or fully) sponsor your place on the programme.

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