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Entangled Places

Explore how creativity and imagination can help us collaborate better in the place/s we live and work in.


Brighton and surrounding areas


6 months

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Stephanie Bickford-Smith

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Entangled Places


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A peer-led expedition to explore new forms of collaboration in Brighton and surrounding areas. Experiment with creativity and imagination to coalesce ways of being and thinking.
Taking a place-based approach to collaboration, we will devise new methods for physically immersing ourselves and others into our unique and complex place, and develop new forms of dialogue and collaboration. We will support each other to identify areas of focus and develop specific interventions. Our explorations will culminate in a showcase of our experiments and findings.

Is it for me?

Are you a social being who is creative, curious and living in Brighton and the surrounding areas?
- Would you like to build stronger community ties where you live? - Do you have a hunch that this is the key to facing challenge and complexity? - Are you tired of being stuck behind a screen and would jump at the chance to make and collaborate with living breathing people in real locations?

Do it to...


Fuel your professional practice by connecting more deeply with the environments and/or communities that you live and work in.


Develop multisensory, creative research methods for place-based collaboration.


Challenge established and entrenched ways of thinking and being โ€“ in yourself and others โ€“ to enable collaboration.

The Journey

This Huddle begins with an intensive Kick Off weekend at Platf9rm, Brighton, with coach training, skills & network mapping, co-designing the journey and getting to know each other.
Our journey includes fortnightly meet-ups in and around Brighton, and group Power Up days for deep diving into our learning with activities that connect and loosen our thinking. We follow Huddlecraftโ€™s tried and tested journey structure, designed to maximise the collective potential of the peer group and create a safe space for experimentation. Our journey ends with a showcase event where we can celebrate our learnings.

Your Host

Stephanie smiling, wearing a bright yellow jacket with bright blue sky behind her
Stephanie is a curious and eclectic designer who is passionate about using the multiplicity of conversation for engaging with new perspectives and unknowns.
I am passionate about how creativity can unlock ways of thinking and inspire meaningful collaboration to build resilience for the complex challenges we face. As a host I have a playful nature, and will challenge you to step outside your comfort zone whilst providing you with support and compassion.
Being part of Stephanieโ€™s learning journey was eye-opening, inspiring and challenging. I pushed my creative practice into new spaces and found a new way to catalyse creative work.
Gregory Feldforth, Sound Artist


How do you approach diversity and inclusion?

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Register your interest with the Host to receive the information pack. You can also request a phone call and some resources to take to your employer if you think they might be able to (partially or fully) sponsor your place on the programme.

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