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Death x Life

A creative exploration of our relationship with death, grief and loss of various kinds.


Hybrid - Brighton and online


6 months

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Christina Watson

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Death x Life


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As a group of curious mortals, we’ll create the space to go deep on the big questions and explore how relating to death can show us how to live.
What if we gave ourselves the space and permission to get curious about death? What if we could learn across cultures and generations to build our capacity to face death, loss and grief? What if relating to death could be creative, generative, joyous? Together we’ll adventure for 6 months, exploring creative routes in to deepen our individual and collective relationships with death, as we navigate our finite lives.

Is it for me?

Do you see the potential for death and grief to be our teachers? Are you itching to disrupt the way we currently face death, loss and grief as a society?
Are you on your own journey through loss or grief? Or supporting someone else through theirs? Has the pandemic thrown up questions for you on how we deal with loss collectively? Are you navigating climate grief or the threat of extinction? Maybe you’re wondering how to bring conversations about death into your work or family life, or maybe you’re looking to start a project and test it in the real world. This will be a space to explore creatively and co-create with others in any direction you choose!

Do it to...


Take a personal inquiry or professional project to the next level, with dedicated time and a community to support you to put insight into action.


Co-create a space to exchange ideas and explore death, grief and loss as a collective, and deepen and multiply your learning in this finite life.


Creatively share your learning with others through a showcase event we'll design together - from documentary, to performance art, to storytelling.

The Journey

We will begin with a Kick-Off weekend of coaching training, skills & network mapping, co-designing the journey and getting to know each other.
This Huddle follows Huddlecraft’s tried and tested journey structure. With monthly in person meet-ups in Brighton, fortnightly online check-ins and Power-Up days, the next 6 months are designed to maximise the collective potential of the peer group. Our journey will end with a showcase event, designed by the group to shine a spotlight on our learning.

Your Host

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I’m Christina, a Brighton-based sea lover, proud aunt and deep thinker! A restless lifelong learner & facilitator, I’m passionate about creating space for deep, joyful learning.
Death has been a companion of mine since I was one, when my Mum died. I am relentlessly curious in navigating my grief and want to create a space to think out loud with others, learn from new perspectives, explore creative outlets and support each other to feel less alone in life’s only certainty.
“Christina is the person I laugh with, rage with, and think with. She's a safe space for my thorniest problems and wackiest ideas, & gives so graciously her wisdom, humour & love."
Imogen Pursch - Assistant Director of Delivery at UK Youth


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Do I have to have experience of loss or grief to join?


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