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Beyond Burnout

Peer support for purpose-led women who want to move beyond burnout for good.


South of England and Hybrid


4 months

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Rebecca Birch

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Beyond Burnout


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Balancing purpose, wellbeing and working life is harder than ever. In this gentle and creative group process, we will share and test ways of moving beyond burnout for good.
This huddle is designed to give you the ultimate permission to slow down, go gently and re-fill your cup alongside women who’ve been there too. Whatever recovery from burnout looks like for you, this group will be cheering you on and lifting you up every step of the way. This group is for women as self-identified.

Is it for me?

Have you found yourself stuck in cycles of burnout or near-burnout? Feel disconnected from your drive and passion? Want to move beyond your burnout for good?
Burnout is a state of physical and emotional exhaustion that occurs when you are under long-term stress. It disproportionately affects women and is isolating and misunderstood. If you are a women with a social or environmental purpose, want to move beyond your burnout and believe that the answers lie within, and between us, then this huddle is just right for you. This huddle is for nature lovers and community minded souls. We'll spend time in the forest, working in groups and letting nature be our guide.

Do it to...


Design your recovery, drawing on the ideas, skills and experience of a supportive group of women.


Rest, recharge and reconnect with the things that lift you.


Prevent burnout and stay well for the long term.

The Journey

This Huddle begins with a woodland retreat; getting to know each other, resting, chatting, eating, and co-designing the next 4 months together at Hazel Hill Woods, Salisbury.
From fortnightly meet ups to reconnect days, the 4 months together is designed to be supportive and creative. Our journey ends with a second nourishing retreat, this time of our own design, and the making of a burnout recovery storybook that will chart our collective learning.

Your Host

Rebecca smiling by a red rock in Devon
I’m Rebecca. Epping Forest based coach, facilitator and recovering busy person. This Huddle was what I needed through the hard times and am delighted to be hosting now.
I am a community worker, designer, and forest school practitioner. I have participated in two Huddles and have co-run community retreats with Huddlecraft. I will be the one to celebrate it when you rest, give you permission to say no, and will always have a creative activity up my sleeve.
''What I love about Rebecca is her coaching approach - and her calm! She's hyper aware of people and their needs, and she centres opportunities for relationships to flourish.''
Zahra Davidson - Director - Huddlecraft


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