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Ancestors and Future Ones

A journey to reflect on our pasts, presents, and futures, and the people who are part of them.




3 months

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Robbie Solway

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Ancestors and Future Ones


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You're invited to open up new pathways for your life through diving deep into your roots and the life paths of both those who have influenced you and who you will influence.
Can understanding more about where you come from open up new possibilities for wisdom, self-knowledge, love, and healing? Alongside a dozen peers of all ages, creatively explore how the lives of your elders, ancestors, and descendants are intertwined with you and yours. Change your life's trajectories by unearthing and honouring the stories of the lives of others.

Is it for me?

Are you a curious and caring being, longing to deepen your connection with your roots?
Understanding and bringing compassion to our family legacies can lead us on a healing journey of inner awareness and self-transformation. Knowing who we are and what we have inherited empowers us to live our most full lives. In this huddle, we’ll find new ways of learning from our family members, past and present, and their life journeys. If you’re curious to learn about the lives of your ancestors and what you've inherited from them, or to hold space for family conversations that you’ve always hoped to have, then this huddle is for you.

Do it to...


Discover the stories of your family alongside a community of people doing the same, and draw on one another's discoveries to multiply the inspiration


Experiment with imaginative methods to create safer, braver spaces to learn about yourself, your family story, and to shape the future of your family


Capture and harvest stories in the form of scrapbooks, films, memoirs, art, family events, walking tours, and digital archives

The Journey

This Huddle begins with a Kick Off week of getting to know each other, peer reflecting, skills & community mapping, storytelling, and co-designing the journey.
From meet ups every two weeks to Power Up days, these 4 months are designed to maximize the collective potential of the peer group, diving deep into each of our families’ stories, together. We'll begin with coach training and make use of peer coaching practices as we go. Our journey will end with a showcase event designed by the group to shine a spotlight on our learning and celebrate our ancestors’ homecoming. We’ll have opportunities to invite families into the process throughout the journey, from personal presentations to meet ‘n’ greets.

Your Host

A person with a beard (Robbie, the Huddle’s host) stands in a colourful jacket and white hat, smiling, amidst a snowy wintery forest.
Robbie is a facilitator, learning coach, educator, and event organizer. He grew up in youth movements, which continue to shape so much of how he learns & lives.
Born and raised in Toronto, Robbie has been learning and facilitating the last nine years as a space maker, a change maker, a listener, a friend, a grandchild, a brother, and a son. Exploring his ancestry brought him to Belarus and Poland, opening up meaningful new pathways for him and his family.
“Robbie is such a warm, creative, and inviting facilitator. His support of others’ self-exploration and learning journeys is deeply inspiring.”
Mohammad Al-Hroub, friend and co-facilitator


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